Kiiroo Onyx+ And Pearl2 Couple Set Masturbator And Vibrator - Black

Kiiroo Onyx+ And Pearl2 Couple Set Masturbator And Vibrator - Black

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  • Product Sku: KIIR11021
  • Manufacturer: Kiiroo Bv
  • Availability: Available Now
  • Release Date: March 16, 2020


KIIROO Onyx+ and KIIROO Pearl2 bring a whole new sensory experience to the internet: Intimate touch. 

Onyx+: Onyx+ is light-weight male masturbator that is quiet, discreet, and perfect as a travel companion. The third-generation Onyx has a completely different rotating motor that changes the sensation of what you feel. 

Onyx+ is can reach up to 140 strokes per minute while still maintaining a more silent motor than both of its predecessors, making the sensory experience of using Onyx+ all the more exciting. 

Inside Onyx+ are 10 rings that work together to simulate intercourse by stroking up and down in real-time. 

Pearl2: Pearl2 was designed to fulfil your most intimate needs. Its simple sleek exterior and touch-sensitive shaft paired with its intense vibrations will make your alone or partner time one to remember. 

Connect to your partner(s) devices from anywhere in the world and Feel every movement they make through the vibrations on your device. Share your pleasure with them by using the touch-sensitive pads to control the speed and intensity of the vibrations or strokes on your partners device. Each stroke of Pearl2’s shaft will be mimicked onto Onyx+, and one swipe of Onyx+ touch-pad will drive Pearl2 crazy. 

You can also connect Onyx+ and Pearl2 to one of over 4,000 interactive videos on a range of different content platforms. Feel every movement made by your favorite stars, whether it be in 2D or VR.

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Great sucking squeezing self stimulating stroker

Pretty decent for the price. Personally I'm saving for a REALDOLL AI sex doll. $5000+ in cost, but worth every penny in the long run.

Anonymous - October 26 2020

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